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We have a unique fee structure which allows us to keep costs low for our parents and at the same time encourages pupils to participate in more ... the more you do, the cheaper it is!

Our Tuition Fees for Dance include Ballet, Modern, Tap and ISTD Jazz classes.  ISTD Jazz classes are offered to Grade 4 Modern students and above.


The fee you pay is determined by which ballet grade you are in and how many hours you attend these classes each week.  The fee for those that do not attend ballet is slightly higher.  The incentive behind this is to encourage you to take ballet as it is a core subject for all genres of dance.


Contemporary, Free Jazz and Commercial classes each have a separate fee, as do our Performance based subjects, Drama and Musical Theatre.

Tuition Fees - Summer Term 2024 (15th April to 13th July)-page-001.jpg
Tuition Fees - Summer Term 2024 (15th April to 13th July)-page-002.jpg
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